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Whether it’s a fundraiser, a holiday reception, a gala, an open house or any other occasion, we will add that special touch to make it a complete and grandiose event.

Too often, we don’t see the advantage of floral arrangements, but trying it is adopting it! You will not be able to do without it!

Set the tone for your evening by flowering the entrance to the room, and adding a touch of greenery on the cocktail tables and a beautiful centrepiece for the guest tables. Embellish a “backdrop” on stage or the lectern with beautiful greens and flowers to draw your guests’ attention during speeches, or decorate the bar with a bouquet or a garland of greenery. These are just a few ideas among many.

Flowers allow your guests to escape. Take them wherever you want. Let us help you!

''I have nothing but good words for Stephanie and the work she does. She’s simply extraordinary! Efficient, dynamic, hard-working, creative, organized, punctual and discreet. I loved working with her! Don’t hesitate to call her!''

Nancy Kelly, Executive Assistant, Evolugen by Brookfield Power

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