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A story of flowers

This is Stephanie

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated by flora. I can still see myself entering my grandparents’ garden between the two enormous patches of multicoloured gladolius. Little did I know at that time that those brief moments of picking up potato bugs with my grandfather and making bouquets for my grandmother would make me the passionate florist I am today.

I started my career studying interior design in college. I quickly realized that I loved design, but not all the constraints that the profession entailed. I loved to create, but I wanted to see the results quickly! That’s when floral art became my expression. Since my training in floristry in 2014, I perfected my art in different boutiques to then settle in the Outaouais region and bring to life my vision with Flore&Sens.

What I like most about my job is to be able to create a tone, an atmosphere and an emotion with a simple flower. I sincerely believe that each event must be different and have a unique approach... because YOU are unique! I like to take the time to meet you in my studio and get to know you better, and to offer you something that suits you. My real salary is the tear of joy that will trickle down your cheek or the goose bumps that will travel your forearms when you finally see your bouquet.

I look forward to making your day bloom!


Our studio

Our studio is located in the beautiful and welcoming nature of Cantley. Surrounded by trees and greenery, the studio is inspired by the nature, which is part of our daily life. It is a large and beautiful space where natural light abounds.

We have at our disposal a refrigerated room to keep your flowers and floral arrangements fresh for your event.

We like to meet you in person at the studio, but only by appointment. Send us an email or call us to confirm your visit!

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